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About On Tranquil Shores

A team dedicated to your tranquility...

What Makes Us Unique?

The On Tranquil Shores brand is part of Isle of Bute Properties group who specialise in high end property development. Our ethos is to find properties set in idyllic locations and then renovate them to a high standard so that our guests can enjoy pure luxury in scenic locations. All our properties are managed with the upmost care so you can be confident you arrive to crisp linen sheets with all the creature comforts to make your stay memorable...

8sketch about us on tranquil shores

Always by the waterside

An increasing number of individuals find themselves fatigued by the relentless pace of the rat race, working long hours in the midst of concrete jungles. Our overarching goal is to inspire a reconnection with nature. The waterside, with its inherent power, provides a perfect setting to bask in the rejuvenating essence of the natural world. Our meticulously designed properties are thoughtfully equipped to offer a luxurious experience, ensuring that you relish the scenic beauty in utmost comfort.

*Melfort Pier & Harbour Resort

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